Dermacne' Activ'Pure Acne and Blemish Cream

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This mattifying cream helps to reduce irritation, control oil production and eliminate breakouts, clarifying the skin. Active Pure Cream leaves skin well hydrated.

This smooth and mattifying (meaning giving skin a "matt" finish" or reducing the oily sheen of oily skin) skin care product helps to normalize the keratinisation process and to eliminate pimples and blackheads. The repairing and protecting component of Dermacne' Activ'Pure Cream moisturizes and repairs your skin. Irritations are visibly reduced, your skin is moisturized and recovers its matt radiance.

Dermacne' Activ'Pure Acne and Blemish Creamt consists of reducing sebum production, removing dead skin cells, and killing bacteria

Directions: Apply to clean face twice a day, Morning and Evening. Let dry.

Recommendation: Dermacne' Activ'Pure Cream is recommended for all blemish and acne suffers with oily or combination skin. If skin becomes dry or irritated follow up with OMIC Ultra Moisturizer, Moisture Rescue.

Dermacne' Activ'Pure Acne and Blemish Cream for Oily and Combination Skin

Skin type: Oily and combination skin types.